Lamp 31 was established as a desire to use my God given creative energy to produce things that are helpful to others, and will accomplish additional provision for my family.

Lamp 31 is taken from Proverbs 31. The woman described in this proverb is industrious, faithful, and seeks to serve her family and uphold the integrity of her home to glorify God. She does not let her lamp to go out at night, meaning that she is always on the alert, and always ready to do her part to keep the family afloat, as a responsible support structure and help-meet for her husband.

Among other projects, I am creating lunch pouches, made from durable materials that replace plastic zip bags. The calculated savings is over $100 in comparable zip bags purchases each year.

Some of the services I can provide for you are:
Customized Jewelry design
... and more.

Lamp 31 is not a subsidiary, but is affiliated directly with Jjinc Design.

You may contact me with any questions, concerns or orders: